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Why Quality Affordable Pest Control Should Be Your Trusted Partner For Wildlife Removal

Quality Affordable Pest Control has been in the nuisance wildlife removal business for years. With our expert knowledge of wildlife control partnered with our tools, treatments, and techniques, we have been able to help treat several homes and businesses in Toronto, the York Region, and the Durham region. From raccoons to pigeons and everything in between, Quality Affordable Pest Control can handle whatever wildlife or pest problems you may be facing. 

Why You May Need Wildlife Removal Services

Food and Water Supply 

Like humans, wildlife animals and pests need food and water to survive. While these resources are available outside of your property, it’s often the most convenient and accessible option in the city. Whether it be from your garden or pantry or even your food waste bin, these animals will gravitate towards your property due to the abundance of food options. Likewise, if you have a water leak, pound, or fountain at home, this could be a viable water source for them.


While you may think of animals living in trees and shrubs, your home offers a warm and safe environment for them. Whether it be in attics or a shed, these often untouched and undisturbed areas of your home offer wildlife protection against predators and the harsh environment around them. In the winter time specifically, many homes will find nuisance wildlife seeking warmth and shelter in their homes.

The Dangers of Not Removing Wildlife From Your Property

Disease and Injury

Wildlife is known for bringing diseases and viruses into your property due to their exposure to the outside and unsanitary world. If bitten by these wildlife animals and pests, you can possibly get an array of illnesses with rabies being one of them. Your chances of aggravating them off your property can also lead them to attach and cause injury to yourself. From scratches to bites, leaving them on your property is hazardous to your health.

Food and Water Contamination

Due to their attraction to food and water in your property, chances are they will contaminate it when trying to feed and water themselves. While you should be able to notice if an animal has rummaged through your food and water supply, there is still a chance of you consuming contaminated food due to their presence. 

How Quality Affordable Pest Control Can Help You Remove Wildlife From The Premise

Quality Affordable Pest Control has mastered the art of locating, planning, treating, and removing wildlife animals and pests off your property. With our professional grade baits, top-of-the-line extermination tools, and years of experience, there is no doubt that we can help you execute a humane removal of wildlife from the premises. With us on the job you no longer need to worry about the how and when of removing these pests by yourself. With one phone call, we can start your humane wildlife removal treatment immediately. 

FAQs About Wildlife Removal

Q: How long does wildlife animal removal take?

A: Depending on the type of wildlife you are removing, the timeline could vary greatly. If you’re looking for a wildlife capture rather than an exterminating treatment, the removal could take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days depending on the number of nuisance animals that need to be removed. If you are looking to exterminate these wildlife animals, it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks for all of them to be completely removed from your property. 

Q: When is it time to call a professional wildlife removal or a pest control service?

A: When it comes to wildlife pests and animals, you should call a professional wildlife removal service at the first hint of a possible infestation or visit. Whether it be just one raccoon and squirrel or a swarm of pigeons, the longer these pests and animals stay in your property, the higher chance the infestation will get worse. By waiting to call a professional you also run the risk of exposing yourself to the bacteria and viruses these animals carry for an unnecessary amount of time. 

Q: Will wildlife return to your home after removal?

A: Once your property has undergone wildlife removal, it’s unlikely that you will see the same infestation for a few months. However, if your home continues to have food, water, and shelter accessible to these wildlife animals and pests, you’ll attract new animals and pests into your home. Unless you cut off their supply of necessities, there’s no reason for them not to keep coming back to your home. 

Q: How do I prevent future wildlife visiting my property?

A: Aside from locking up all the food and water accessible to these pests, you can try sealing holes and cracks in your home as a means of wildlife prevention. You can also try natural repellents suited to the type of wildlife pest you are dealing with in your home. Some have a strong dislike for the smell of peppers and others dislike the smell of bleach. Whatever it is that you use, it's important to note that these are just temporary solutions that can deter a wild animal short term. 

Q: Is it necessary to call a professional exterminator to handle wildlife infestations?

A: Yes, it’s necessary to call a professional exterminator or animal control service to handle a wildlife issue and infestation. Wildlife animals and pests can often be quite aggressive and attack if provoked. There’s a lot of skill needed to safely and effectively remove these animals from your property without harming yourself. If you want to reduce the chances of you getting injured or bitten by these animals, it's best to leave it to the professionals. 

Partner With Quality Affordable Pest Control For Safe Wildlife Removal Today

From raccoons and bats to rats and squirrels, all of these pests are unwanted wildlife found in your home. At Quality Affordable Pest Control, we are dedicated to treating any wildlife problem our clients may have. From our team of experts our animal removal service is sure to leave your home pest and wildlife free. Contact us today for a quote or property inspection.

Safe Pest Control for Your Home

The best residential pest control service is one that focuses on what you and your family needs – and that it is a safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly pest or wildlife control solution. The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is the recommended way to efficiently eliminate pests without harming you, your family and pets, and the environment.

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