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Why Quality Affordable Pest Control For Squirrel Control Is The Right Choice

Squirrel control often takes a backseat to rat, ant, and cockroach infestations as they are not as common. However, with the lack of demand for squirrel controls many pest exterminating companies lack the property treatments and tools and effectively address the issue. At Quality Affordable Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being ready for any type of infestation which includes squirrel infestations. With years of pest control and extermination under our belt, we can easily conduct a treatment to address any squirrel infestation issues and prevent reinfestation in the future. 

Why You May Need Squirrel Control Services 

Though squirrels are quite common in public parks and other areas of the city, they don’t often enter people’s homes unless enticed or given access to their basic necessities. Here are the common reasons as to why you may be dealing with a squirrel infestation and need a squirrel control treatment:

Access To Food

Like other pests, squirrels will enter your home if there is a viable and easily accessible source of food available to them in the area. If you are leaving food or food waste outside or in an easily accessible area, then you may be attracting squirrels to your home unintentionally. 


To protect themselves from predators, squirrels have been known to enter people's homes through small cracks and holes. If your home or office has gaps or small entrances around, it is possible for them to enter and nest there as your home provides a safe environment. 

Warmth During Colder Months

In addition to hiding from predators, squirrels' infestations have also been known to increase during the winter months as these pests seek shelter from the cold. Again if you provide an entryway into your home or office, chances are, they will infest your home as it provides an inviting environment for their survival. 

The Dangers of Letting Your Squirrel Infestation Grow

While squirrels are one of the most common wildlife pests in the city, most people don’t see the need for squirrel control services. Though they may seem harmless from afar, not treating a squirrel infestation can cause quite a few issues to the building's structure and your health. Here is some of the common dangers squirrel infestations cause:

Building Structure Damage

Like other rodents, squirrels will actually gnaw and chew through your home or building structure. From wooden structural support and insulation padding to roof structures and many more, they can cause real damage to your home.  

Electrical Damage

Similar to the structural damage squirrels can cause, they can also cause issues to your electrical lines. With their sharp teeth being able to bite through almost anything, they can actually cut certain electrical lines easily. This can cause anything from a light fixture malfunction to entire room shortages. 

Damage to Furniture and Exterior of Home

With most home furniture being made of soft materials and wood finishings around the house, it’s not uncommon for squirrels to chew them up as well. Depending on the severity of the infestation, the squirrels could be causing damage to your home both inside and out.

Garden and Lawn Issues

While you would prefer squirrels outside of your home, they can cause quite a bit of damage to your garden and lawn as well. The most common complaint is that they will dig up holes across your lawn to hide food for the winter causing plants and crops to be uprooted. They can also be digging up your garden to find ways into your home if there isn't an easy access point already. 

Diseases and Illnesses

Though squirrels are visually more appealing than other pests, don’t let their looks fool you. They can carry a number of diseases and illnesses. From the ticks that squirrels bring in to the squirrel biting you themselves, having them around will expose you to parasites and possible infections. Additionally, squirrel droppings can be hazardous to your health if not disposed of properly and immediately. . 

When Is It Time To Call In the Pros?

Like other pests, when it comes to dealing with squirrels it's best to call professional exterminators and pest control experts sooner rather than later. Here are some tell-tale signs that you need to call a professional exterminator to deal with your squirrel infestation ASAP:

Scratching and Scurrying Sounds 

While you may not see squirrels in your attic, roof, or garage, you will most likely hear them. If you are hearing scratching and scurrying sounds at random times in the day, chances are you have a squirrel somewhere in your home or at the very least some other type of pest infestation. When you hear these sounds often, you know it's time to call an exterminator. 

Visible Damage to Your Furniture and Home

As stated earlier, squirrels will often gnaw on furniture and features of your home, especially ones made of wood. If you notice little marks on your furniture or walls and floors, you may need to call for squirrel control immediately. Once they are that near your living area, it’s more likely for you to come in contact with either tick they bring in or get bitten so it’s best to remove them quickly.

Squirrel Droppings 

Another tell-tale sign of a squirrel infestation is finding their droppings and secretions around your home. While they’ll mostly be isolated in your attic or garage, it’s possible to find them elsewhere due to the squirrels movements in your home. If you’re seeing droppings around your home, you will want to call a professional service to discard it and remove the squirrels safely. 

Leaks and Water Damage

With the structural damage squirrels can cause, it’s quite common for them to cause water damage to the roof and other parts of your house. If you have tried all the basic remedies to fix the water leaks around your house and nothing seems to be working, chances are, you have a squirrel infestation and you should get that dealt with swiftly.

How Quality Affordable Pest Control Can Help You With Your Squirrel Problem

With the tendency of squirrels to get quite aggressive when trying to be removed, it’s never advisable that you do it yourself. Quality Affordable Pest Control is a proud partner of the Empire Wildlife Removal. With this, we are not only certified with the tools to remove these pests safely but we also have the training to deal with animal control issues. Whether the situation calls for squirrel traps or bait traps our team of trained professionals can get the job done. 

Before any type of treatment, we’ll conduct an inspection to ensure that we are using the right methods for your specific situation. Once the treatment has been completed, your home should be squirrel free and unlikely to have reinfestations anytime soon. 

FAQs About Squirrel Removal Problems

Q: How toxic are squirrel droppings to humans?

A: Aside from just bringing dirt into your home, squirrel droppings are actually very toxic to humans. Squirrel droppings contain a component called salmonellosis that can cause several issues when it comes in contact with humans. Anything as simple as nausea and headaches to vomiting and diarrhea can all be caused by exposure to squirrel droppings.

Q: How long does it take for a squirrel treatment to be effective?

A: For squirrel treatments to be fully effective, you may have to wait 2 to 4 weeks for you to see any type of results. With baits in particular, it will take a while for the squirrels to ingest and slowly feel the effects on their body. After 2 to 4 weeks, you should see a reduction or a complete eradication of squirrels in your area. 

Q: Can squirrels chew through walls?

A: Squirrels can cause quite a bit of damage to structures and furniture. However, can they actually gnaw and chew through entire walls? The answer is yes they can. With their extremely strong teeth, squirrels are said to be able to chew through almost any type of surface in your home. 

Q: What are common squirrel ways to get rid of squirrels?

A: While these are not permanent solutions to a squirrel infestation, you can sprinkle cayenne pepper or garlic pepper around your home. The smell of the peppers will deter the squirrels from coming into close contact with your home. Additionally, you can buy fox urine as a repellent and spray it outside your home. Foxes are natural enemies of squirrels and often hunt them down. With the smell of their predators around your home, they’ll likely find another location to infest all together. 

Q: How often do you need to check your home for squirrels?

A: Like any other pest, you should check for squirrels in your home periodically throughout the year. However, you should pay extra attention during the winter months as this is when squirrel infestations are more likely to happen due to the cold. 

Effective Solutions for Squirrel Infestations With Quality Affordable Pest Control

When dealing with a squirrel infestation, Quality Affordable Pest Control is your best bet. With our years of experience and training, we assure all our clients a swift and safe removal of any pests including squirrels from their homes and offices. With the risk of structural damage to the building, parasites, and diseases, calling a professional squirrel control company is the best thing to do. 

Here at Quality Affordable Pest Control, we understand the urgency and need for effective pest and squirrel control. Using our professional-grade chemicals and tools, we can assure all our clients that their homes will be squirrel and rodent-free by the time our treatments are complete. Contact us today.

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