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Why Call Quality Affordable Pest Control For Mouse Control

When it comes to mouse infestations, we here at Quality Affordable Pest Control pride ourselves in providing top-quality mouse control treatments to all our clients. Throughout the years, with our training and experience under our belts, we have helped countless people deal with pests in their homes, offices, and businesses in Toronto, the York Region, and the Durham region. With services, your home is sure to be mouse and rodent free without the risk of reinfestation in the coming years. 

Why You May Need Mouse Control Services 

The population of mice can grow rather quickly as they reproduce at an alarming rate. If one mouse gets in, chances are more will come shortly. If you do any of the following, you may be opening up your home or office to a severe mouse infestation in the future:

1) Offering a Potential Nesting Site In and Around Your Home

With the smaller size of a mouse as compared to other rodents, it's quite easy for them to squeeze themselves through the nooks and cracks that lead to the inside of your home. With all the resources and shelter your home or office provides, it’s unlikely that mice will leave once they get in. This is especially true during the winter months when they’re seeking shelter from the cold and your home or areas around your home provide a warm place for them to thrive in. 

2) Easily Accessible Food And Water Sources

Another reason you may be attracting mice into your home and need mouse control services is due to the fact that you don’t store food or water properly. Whether it be food on your countertops or food waste in your garbage, these can be enticing resources for mice to enter your home. Additionally, if you have leaks or stagnant water in your home, mice and rodents will be attracted to your home as it easily provides their necessities to live. 

The Dangers of Letting Your Mouse Infestation Grow

While mice are known to be the smaller versions of rats on a very basic level, don’t be fooled. Mice infestations can be just as bad if not worse than any other pest infestation. Here are just some of the dangers of mouse infestations and their exponential growth:

1) Fast Population Reproduction

Each female mouse can reproduce once they’ve reached maturity after 6 to 10 weeks. While they can usually only give birth to 5 mice per liter, this does add up if left alone for months. If their reproduction continues within your home, it's only a matter of time before you have an infestation with hundreds of mice lingering in your home or office space. 

2) Wire Damage

Like their rat and rodent counterparts, mice can gnaw and chew through your electrical wiring quite easily. While this may cause minor inconveniences like a faulty light, in extreme cases it can cause a short-circuit and start an electrical fire within the building. The longer you wait to treat a mouse infestation and allow it to grow, the more likely you ‘ll experience damage to the inner workings of your home. 

3) Food and Water Contamination

While you will see more often than not if your food has been compromised and contaminated by pests like mice, sometimes it's not as easy to tell. If there is food left out in the open or easily accessible to them, there’s a chance that they can get in and out without much of a hint that they were there. In this case, your food and water sources may be contaminated which can lead to a variety of health issues.

4) Carriers of Illness

With mice often staying in dirty and unsanitary places, it’s quite common for them to bring in bacteria and illnesses into your home. Diseases like hantavirus, listeria, and salmonellosis can all be brought into your home and transmitted when in contact with mice droppings or secretions. The more severe the mice infestation gets, the more likely you’ll come into contact with these diseases and illnesses.

When Is It Time To Call In Professional Help?

If you want to ensure that the mouse infestation in your home or office doesn’t get too out of hand, you should call for professional help sooner rather than later. As a matter of fact, having preventative treatment to curb any potential future infestations may be the best thing to do. But if you have already noticed the following things in your home or office, chances are, you’re already dealing with a mouse infestation to a certain degree:

1) Foul Smell

When an area is dealing with a mice infestation, it’s not uncommon for there to be a stale or foul smell. This smell will most likely come from the secretions of the mice that have ammonia in them. If you’re starting to have an unpleasant smell inside your home, you may want to check for mice or call a professional immediately to deal with the problem. 

2) Mice Droppings

Another tell-tale sign of a brewing mice infestation is mice droppings around your home. They may be isolated in the areas that the mice nest in but they can also be found in random areas around your home. If not handled or cleaned up properly, you do run the risk of catching a virus or disease so this would be a great time to call for professional help. 

3) Marks on Furniture

While not as obvious as a smell or droppings around the house, mice will leave scratches on your furniture and other areas of the property. Whether it be from biting, gnawing, or scratching, you’ll notice it if you inspect your furniture rather closely. If you see these markings, it means that the mice are moving around your home and need to be professionally treated by that point. 

4) Seeing A Mouse

If you see a mouse in your home, it's time to call a professional exterminator. While you may think it's just one mouse, that's never really the case. To ensure that the infestation doesn’t increase any further, it's best to treat and remove them immediately from the premises. 

How Quality Affordable Pest Control Can Treat Your Mouse Problem

When dealing with a mouse infestation, we suggest dealing with it swiftly as mice are known to multiply quite quickly in a short amount of time. To ensure that we treat your mouse problem effectively, Quality Affordable Pest Control uses a mixture of solutions and poisons to target pests in your home. 

While lethal to mice, these chemicals are guaranteed to be safe when children and pets are exposed to them. We also have different tools like glue boards, traps, and mechanical devices to ensure that we get each and every pest out of your home. With all of the exterminated, you’re unlikely to get a reinfestation anytime soon and can enjoy the benefits of a mouse and rodent-free home or office. 

FAQs About Rodent Extermination

Q: How long does it take for mice extermination treatments to work?

A: While it will depend on the severity of the mice infestation, mice extermination treatments usually take up to 1 to 3 months to be fully effective. With the rate that mice reproduce, it can be expected that treatment will take more time than usual as to get rid of all the mice and pests

Q: Can exterminators get rid of mice in one visit?

A: If done correctly and depending on the severity of the infestation, it’s possible for exterminators to get rid of all the mice in your home in one go. However, with the rate mice reproduce it’s quite possible that you’ll need a second or even third round of treatments to permanently get rid of them. 

Q: How long can a mouse live in your home?

A: If left to their own devices, mice can live quite a long life within your home. If nested outside they can probably survive for about a year. However, if they’ve nested inside your home, they can live for around 2 to 3 years. At this point, the mice population in your home is sure to repopulate meaning waiting them out to die isn’t an option to treat an infestation. 

Q: How often should I have my home checked for mice?

A: To keep up with the maintenance of your home and ensure that it’s mice free, you can have an inspection 4 times a year. This will ensure that you don’t have any more infestations or at the very least catch them before they get too severe. 

Q: Is cleaning enough to prevent mice infestations

A: While cleaning will definitely help prevent infestations, it’s not always enough to keep mice infestations at bay. As long as they have access to food water and shelter in your home, there’s a chance for them to reinfest the area

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If you’re seeking to address a mouse infestation or have a preventative pest treatment done, Quality Affordable Pest Control can provide you with the best results. With our pest control professionals and their carefully-planned mix of treatments, repellants, and devices, you’re sure to have a mouse-free space for years to come. Contact us and book an inspection today.

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