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Why Have Quality Affordable Pest Control Deal With Your Rodent Infestation

With years of experience, Quality Affordable Pest Control has seen it all. From mice, moles, and roof rats, have been trained to remove any type of rodent from your home or office swiftly and effectively. After years in the business, we have perfected our exterminating techniques and found the best chemical treatments and tools to remove and kill rodents without it causing damage to your home or affecting you and your pets’ health.

Why You May Need Rodent Control Services 

Rodents are one of the most common pests in the world and can be quite a nuisance to everyone around them. While no one intentionally tries to attract rodents to their home or office space, there are some things that just naturally draw these pests into an area. Here are some of the things that may be causing a rodent activity and your need for rodent control services:

1) Available and Accessible Food

Rodents' main reason to infest your home in the first place is food. If you don’t store your food property, clean food residues off your countertop, or even leave your food waste bin unsealed, rodents will most likely enter your home. While you may see some of these things as inedible, rodents aren’t picky eaters and will see this as a viable and accessible food source fit for their survival. 

2) Water Leaks or Water Sources

After food, water sources like leaks or a pet water bowl can attract rats. Like food, these water sources are crucial to their survival. If your home can provide these things through leaks and broken pipes, rodents will see your home as a place they can thrive and inhabit.

3) Proximity to Nature

If you have trees or bushes near your home and its entrances, chances are a rodent can come in through this pathway. While rodents are wildlife pests that can be found in nature, if you have trees or plants near your home, they may be enticed to relocate to your home as it gives them access to food, water, and shelter, especially during the colder months of the year.

4) Cracks and Holes Around The Area

Though the rodents will need to be attracted to something in a space to enter, having small cracks or holes in your home wherein they can fit through does make it easier for them to infest your home. While you may think that these cracks are too small and harmless, rodents are often small in size and can fit through them. If they don’t have an easy access point, you reduce the risk of having a rodent infestation. 

The Dangers of Letting Your Rodent Infestation Grow

1) Food and Water Contamination

Rodents are known to be filthy animals due to their living conditions. When they rummage and search for food in your home, they carry with them pathogens and bacteria that will contaminate your food and water supply. While it's quite obvious when a rodent has eaten your food or entered your food and water supply, you stand the risk of consuming contaminated food and water if by any chance you do miss the signs of their presence. 

2) Structural and Electrical Damage

Rodents can gnaw, chew and bite through almost anything in your home. From wooden support structures in your walls to the walls itself, rodents can cause some real damage if left untreated. They can also chew through electrical wires. At best you may experience some faulty lighting if they do bite through wires, however, they could also cause a short-circuit and start an electrical fire inside your home. 

3) Flower and Crop Infestation

While rodents may be rescinding inside your home, this doesn’t mean they can cause issues outside your home. Flowers and home crops are both viable food sources that they will most likely dig into if given the chance. This will lead to damage to your garden and possible infections lingering in your crops. 

4) Illness and Disease

Rodents carry an array of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. From their toxic rodent feces and rodent urine to their infectious rodent bites, having a rodent infestation linger in your home can lead to severe illnesses and cause damage to your health. 

How Quality Affordable Pest Control Can Help You With Your Squirrel Problem

If you see rodent droppings or notice a foul and stale smell, it may be time to call in a professional exterminator from Quality Affordable Pest Control. Seeing a rodent in your home may be a sign that your infestation is already severe as most rodents will remain unseen for the most part until it’s too late. 

At Quality Affordable Pest Control, we’re licensed to use top-quality devices and professional-grade rodenticides to handle any rodent infestation, big or small. With rodents' ability to reproduce at an alarming rate, Quality Affordable Pest Control ensures that we get each and every last pest out of your home to ensure that you will not simply be dealing with re-infestations in a matter of weeks.

FAQs About Rodent Infestation

Q: How long does it take for rodent control services to be effective?

A: You should start seeing an improvement in your rodent infestation after 2 to 3 days of the treatment. However, it may take around 6 weeks for the entire rodent population to be fully exterminated. In extreme cases, you may need a follow-up treatment to rid your home of the remaining pests. 

Q: Are there treatments for rodent prevention?

A: Yes, there are preventative treatments to reduce the risk of having a rodent problem in your home. These can be anything from a solution sprayed onto your home or repellers placed in surrounding areas. Contact Quality Affordable Pest Control to see which preventative treatments are right for your home. 

Q: When should I call a professional exterminator for a rodent problem?

A: While you can try to treat an infestation with over-the-counter traps and a bait station, it's best to call a professional sooner rather than later. Though these over-the-counter rodent traps and poisons do work, they aren’t as effective in treating larger infestations and could only temporarily solve the issue. Call a professional exterminator if you’re concerned about an infestation immediately.

Q: Will rodent control treatments be harmful to pets and kids?

A: It depends. While some companies and exterminators do use chemicals that are harmful to pets and kids, Quality Affordable Pest Control uses ecological and environmentally friendly solutions and treatments that are safe for kids and pets to be exposed to. Double-check with your exterminator if you’re worried about strong and potentially hazardous chemicals in your home.

Q: How long do rodent control treatments last?

A: Most rodent control treatments will last around 3 months if done correctly. After which you can get preventative treatments to keep your home rodent-free. You can also start to adopt practices like sealing food and water sources and covering up holes in your home as a rodent control program to help prevent infestations for a longer period of time. 

Partner With Quality Affordable Pest Control For Any Type of Rodent Infestation

No matter the type of rodent infestation you are dealing with, Quality Affordable Pest Control will provide you with the best results. With the risks rodents bring into your home and office, there’s no reason to wait before you have an exterminator treat your property. 

With years of training and experience, we can handle any rodent infestation big or small. Using professional-grade rodenticides and top-grade tools, you can have a rodent-free space in no time. If you’re in the Toronto, York Region, and the Durham region, feel free to contact us to book an inspection today.

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