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Why Quality Affordable Pest Control For Racoon Control

At Quality Affordable Pest Control, our team of professionals are made up of expert exterminators and wildlife animal control veterans. No matter the size of the pest, whether as small as a mouse or big as a raccoon, they are sure to get the job done swiftly and effectively. When it comes to Racoons, traps and animal baits aren’t enough. With Quality Affordable Pest Control we assure you that we can safely remove these pests and any wild animal from the premises without risking any further raccoon damage to your home and your health. If you are having raccoon issues in the area of Toronto, Durham, and York Region, Quality Affordable Pest Control is the company for you. 

Why You May Need Racoon Pest Control Services 

Like other pests, racoons are attracted to places that give them easy access to the necessities they need like food, water, and shelter. Within a city, this just so happens to be your home or office. With the availability of food, water, and shelter against the threats of nature, it’s quite easy for a raccoon or group of raccoons to be drawn to areas inhabited by humans. Here are a few things found in or near your home and office that is causing your raccoon problems:

Garden Crops and Flowers

Raccoons are known to be omnivorous animals. This means they can feed off almost anything, including a variety of plants and other animals. If you have a garden of crops or even just flowers, raccoons may see this as a viable and readily available food source. 

Access Food Waste

Raccoons aren’t picky with their food. While you may think of the food scraps you threw away as waste, this could very much attract raccoons to rummage through your trash. From orange peels or half-eaten take-out, raccoons will be enticed, and try to access this food source near your home or office space.

Flowing and Stagnant Water 

Aside from food, water is the next thing raccoons will look for in a nesting area. If you have a pond, fountain, or even pet water bowl, chances are, a raccoon will see this as a resource. With food and water available to them in your area, there’s little reason for them to seek out another place to inhabit.

Sheds and Garages

While raccoons can enter your home, they’ll often gravitate towards sheds, garages, or seemingly untouched shelters around your home. These areas provide shelter from both nature and predators with a nearby food and water source from your home. Here, they’ll most likely sleep and reproduce causing an even bigger raccoon control issue if left untreated.

The Dangers of Letting Your Racoon Control Issue Grow

While you may think of raccoons as cute and relatively harmless animals, they can cause quite a bit of damage when left to their own devices in your home or office. Here are just some of the dangers you may face if you let a raccoon infestation grow.

Aggressive Creatures

If you let a raccoon issue fester longer than it should, you do run the risk of having to deal with multiple raccoons when you finally decide to get rid of them. The issue with having to remove multiple raccoons is that they’re aggressive creatures that will attack when provoked. The more raccoons to remove, the more likely you will be attacked by one in the long run. 

Garden Damage

With your garden providing a food source, it's not uncommon for raccoons to eat and destroy your crops and plants around the house. They’re also known for digging holes around gardens. The longer you wait to call raccoon control services the further damage they can cause to the appearance and health of your lawn.

Trash and Sanitation Issues

On a very basic level, raccoons will rummage through your trash, leaving garbage around the area. However, if you let a raccoon infestation grow, chances are you will deal with not only trash and segregation issues but sanitation issues as well. With them running through trash and dirt while entering parts of your home, you do run the risk of being exposed to several pathogens and viruses.

Carriers of Bacteria and Diseases

As mentioned earlier, raccoons will go through trash, filth, and expose themselves to unsanitary things. This makes them great carriers of several types of bacteria and diseases. One of the most severe diseases they can transmit to humans is rabies. Additionally, they can also cause infections to humans through their fecal matter and secretions around the area as they can be toxic to human health. 

When Is It Time To Call In The Professionals?

There are many signs that you should call a professional raccoon and wildlife exterminator. The first sign is usually seeing raccoons poop around the house,destroy trash cans or rummage through trash cans in your home. While you may not see them due to their nocturnal nature, these are tell-tale signs of a raccoon invasion and infestation. Don’t try to remove them from your home or office by yourself as they can be aggressive and attack you if handled incorrectly. If you see even a single raccoon on the premises of your home or office, you should call a professional immediately. 

How Quality Affordable Pest Control Can Help You With Your Raccoon Problem

At Quality Affordable Pest Control, we’re trained in wildlife and animal capture practices that are both effective and humane. Our team is dedicated to using ecological and environmental practices in all of our extermination and animal capture services, so you can rest assured that our services are ethical as can be. 

We try our best to use repellents, tools, and techniques that minimize the possibility of any damage to your home and health. With careful and methodologically planned out removal practices, we can swiftly remove any raccoon infestation from your property and reduce the risks of further infestations and pests. 

FAQs About Raccoon Removal

Q: How long do raccoon removal services take?

A: It depends. If you’re dealing with a relatively small raccoon infestation, a raccoon exterminator could need just a few minutes or hours in a day to effectively conduct a raccoon removal. However, if you’re dealing with a much bigger infestation or a significantly aggressive group of raccoons, it can take up to a couple of days for professionals to remove them all safely. 

Q: What illnesses can raccoon infestations cause?

A: Raccoons can cause an array of illnesses. If bitten by a raccoon, you may be infected with rabies and should get the necessary shots immediately in the ER. Raccoons can also infect your property with Baylisascaris procyonis, parvovirus, and distemper virus. If you are in close contact with their droppings or secretions you can also be infected with roundworm parasites or leptospirosis.

Q: When should you call a professional raccoon exterminator or wildlife control services?

A: You should call a professional raccoon exterminator on the first sign of a raccoon entering the premises of your home or office. Raccoons are not the easiest pest to get rid of and will reproduce while in your area. While they don’t reproduce at an alarming rate, they do carry disease and can cause other issues to your home. The sooner you get rid of them, the better. 

Q: Will a raccoon attack me?

A: Raccoons are aggressive creatures that will attack if provoked. However, rarely will they initiate an attack unless threatened or bothered. In recent history, only one has died from a raccoon attack, however many have been left injured. This is why you should not try to remove them from your home yourself. If handled incorrectly, you’ll surely be attacked by these pests.

Q: How can I prevent future raccoon infestations?

A: Once the raccoons are removed from your home, there should be very few chances for a reinfestation. However, to reduce the risk of new raccoons infesting your home you should restrict their access to food, water, and shelter in your home or office. This means sealing your food waste and trash cans, avoiding water sources around your area, and locking up any entrances to your garage, attics, or home in general. While this isn’t a guarantee, it will help deter raccoons from your home or office.

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Dealing with a raccoon problem at home and in the office? Quality Affordable Pest Control has got you covered. Due to the aggressive nature of raccoons, it’s never advisable for you to try and deal with an infestation of raccoons by yourself. With years of training in extermination and wildlife capture, our team can quickly and effectively remove any raccoon and pest in your area. Using environmental and ecological repellents, traps, and devices, we can humanely treat your home or office leaving you with a raccoon-free home. Contact us and book an inspection today.

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