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See How Quality Affordable Pest Control’s Bee Exterminator Services Can Benefit Your Property

Although bees are the less aggressive stingers compared to wasps or hornets, they still pose a threat to humans and pets on your property. If bees feel that you’re a threat to them or their hive, they can take offensive measures in the form of stings. For most, this can be just temporary pain that isn’t a threat to their overall well-being. But for others, it can be a health risk that can lead to more serious complications. 

Don’t wait for the beehive on your property to harm anyone before taking action. Quality Affordable Pest Control offers bee removal services to safely remove the hive and relocate it far from your property. We can protect your property, your household, and your business against aggressive bees through a safe bee removal process that can keep you safe, both indoors and outdoors. 

Why Your Property Needs A Bee Exterminator  

Bees are beneficial for the environment, but they also pose a risk especially when they’re too close to your home or establishment. Some of the reasons you need our team of pest control specialists to handle your bee problem include the following. 

1) Avoid Bees From Entering

Insects like bees prefer dark and protected areas. While they can usually find this in their own nest, having a beehive too close to your home or commercial space means they can wander off and find other nesting places close to your home. Entry points like chimneys, windows, and cracks in your walls can lead them to enter your home. 

This can lead to hives being built on your property or bees frequently being trapped in your home. When this happens, it’s possible for bees to feel threatened indoors, which can lead them to get aggressive and sting. 

2) Protect People in Your Property

For most people, bee stings are a painful nuisance. Bee stings can cause temporary pain, redness, itching, and common signs of inflammation. However, there’s also the risk of someone being allergic to bees’ toxins, which can result in a severe allergic reaction. 

While most bee stings can easily be treated with home remedies, it’s best not to risk having anyone in your home or business experience a bee sting by removing the problem entirely. 

3) Avoid Property Damage

When bee colonies grow into larger numbers, so does the size of the hive. If the bees have established their hive in areas like trees, on your roof, or in dark areas like the inner corners of the porch roof, it can cause property damage. 

The weight of the hive can eventually take a toll on the quality of the property’s materials, which can lead to extensive property damage on places like wood fixtures warped by the weight of the hive.  

The Dangers of Leaving Beehives on Your Property 

Letting beehives remain on your property means exposing your home or business to unnecessary risks that bees can have. Bees can find entry points like cracks, chimneys, and HVAC access points and make their way indoors. 

This can put your household or business at risk of bee stings especially if the bees feel threatened by their surroundings and decide to swarm and attack. The risk of bee stings can make it unsafe to enjoy or use the outdoor areas of your property. 

And while there’s danger in keeping these hives on your property, there are also dangers in trying to remove the hive on your own. When you disturb a beehive, you’re potentially agitating thousands of bees in one colony. Most people won’t be in danger from one bee sting, but a hostile bee swarm can inject enough toxin to your body to cause an adverse reaction or even death. 

How Quality Affordable Pest Control Can Help with Bee Control 

Residential and commercial property owners in Durham, York Region, and the entire GTA can have beehives removed safely from their property with the pest management specialists of Quality Affordable Pest Control. Our team is highly-experienced in providing bee control solutions. 

Regardless of the type of bees you have on your property, we can safely trap and remove these bees using our tried and tested methods. You can minimize the risks the people and pets on your property may be facing. We also use eco-friendly solutions to remove the hive completely. And since bees need a hive to survive, bees won’t be able to survive or restart a hive on their own. 

FAQs About Bee Removal

Q: How long do the results of bee removal services last?

A: Removing the hive itself doesn’t guarantee that bees will never build another hive on your property ever again. Bees need at least one to four months to build a hive, so it’s possible for another hive to reappear after several months. During our inspections, we can find vulnerable areas of your home that attract bees to create a hive within your property. Bees are attracted to high-sugar foods, so garbage cans, fallen fruit from nearby trees, and other food sources on your property make it easy to attract them. You can take steps to avoid this by keeping your garbage sealed and cleaning up any fruits outdoors that invite bees onto your property. 

Q: Are there DIY ways to handle bees?

A: While you might find some DIY bee extermination tips to ward off bees from your property, the best and safest way to keep your property free of bees is to hire a professional bee exterminator. Bees are generally harmless stinging pests when left alone, but when agitated, they get aggressive and attack. This might not be an issue with a singular bee, but when you consider that there can be up to tens of thousands of bees in one hive, trying to destroy or move the hive can result in a swarm attack. With enough bees, the stings can start to have adverse effects as your body can’t handle larger amounts of the bees’ venom. 

Q: How much will it cost to remove a hive from my property?

A: The rates of our pest control services can vary depending on a number of factors, so we can’t give an estimate that applies to all properties. At Quality Affordable Pest Control, we offer pest control and insect removal services at reasonable prices, so you can rest assured that you’re getting value in our services as we take steps to ensure the safety of everyone on your property. Contact us to schedule a property inspection so that we can provide a more accurate estimate. 

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Bees can be potentially dangerous if provoked. Rather than waiting for an incident to happen, take the first steps to keep your home or business safe from bee swarms and attacks. Contact Quality Affordable Pest Control today for a free inspection and estimate on our bee removal services. 

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