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Why Partner With Quality Affordable Pest Control? 

Bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to remove in both residential and commercial properties. At home, they can feed on your blood or irritate the skin of your children and your pets at night when you’re asleep. For businesses, offices, and other commercial properties, bed bugs can do the same and spread from person to person: employees and customers can actually contract bed bugs and get irritations or allergic reactions in turn. What makes all of this even harder is that an infestation can grow right under your nose, and it can be difficult to eliminate bed bugs all on your own. 

Quality Affordable Pest Control offers bed bug control services that can effectively and safely eliminate the bed bug infestation on your property. Using our eco-friendly and pet-friendly extermination services, we can restore your property’s bug-free status and keep everyone in your home safe from infections and bites that come with pesky bed bugs. 

Why Your Property May Need Bed Bug Control

When it comes to bed bugs, all it takes to start an infestation is one unknowing person carrying bed bugs into your property. From there, bed bugs can hide in the smallest cracks, feed on blood, and quietly build a colony before you even notice the more evident signs of bed bugs on your property. 

It’s hard to spot a bed bug infestation because of the elusive nature of bed bugs. Bed bugs prey at night, so it’s hard to spot them when they feed. After they’ve fed, an adult bed bug can survive for more than a year without feeding. An adult female bed bug can lay up to five eggs daily, which helps with exponential growth. Their flat bodies also allow them to grow in large numbers even in the smallest spaces. Because of all this, it’s possible for bed bug infestations to get out of control long before you even notice it.

The moment you notice bed bugs on your property, there is most likely an infestation already. Your next move is to contact Quality Affordable Pest Control for effective bed bug treatment services. Each bed bug exterminator on our team knows how to find the infestation, treat it, eradicate every bed bug on your property, and prevent the colony from rebuilding. We use safe eco-friendly methods that can exterminate bed bugs while keeping pets and children safe from any harmful residue. 

Why You Need Bed Bug Control Services

Bed bugs are one of the toughest pests to get rid of. DIY options may help you kill a couple of visible bed bugs, but you might not be dealing with the actual infestation hiding within your property. Some of the reasons you’ll need bed bug control services include: 

1) Address Health Concerns

Bug bugs don’t spread disease, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pose health risks. Some people have allergies to bed bugs and can have an adverse effect when they’re infesting your home. In several cases, some people experience severe anaphylaxis because of bed bugs and require emergency care. 

Having bed bugs on your property can also lead to symptoms like excessive itching as a result of a bed bug bite. In rare cases, some bed bug bites lead to skin infections like impetigo, ecthyma, and lymphangitis. Bed bugs can also leave unsightly bite marks on your skin and can cause people living in infested properties to feel uncomfortable in their own home. 

2) Stop Bed Bugs From Spreading

You can stop bed bugs from infesting other properties near and far. If your property is in a building like a condo, apartment, or office, there’s a risk of bed bugs spreading to the rest of the building. Under Toronto’s codes, your neighboring property owners can hold you liable for not taking steps to control your bed bug infestation. 

There’s also the risk of you or someone else unknowingly carrying bed bugs and transporting bed bugs to another location to start another infestation. Help control the spread and putting others at risk by managing the infestation on your own property. 

3) Comply with Business Policies and Codes

Many codes and policies protect residential and commercial properties, its owners, and stakeholders from bed bug infestations. Some examples:

  • Neighbors can complain to the Toronto Municipal Licensing & Standards if a neighboring property is causing an infestation. 
  • Tenants can hold landlords liable if a rental property had bed bugs even before they moved in, especially if the landlord hasn’t taken steps to solve it. 
  • Landlords can hold tenants liable if their rental property developed a bed bug infestation because of the tenant’s failure to keep the property clean.
  • Hotels can be sued for negligence if their rooms are found to have bed bugs.

Avoid the ramifications and fines that can come with failing to control your home’s bed bug problem by having professionals address your infestation as soon as possible. 

The Dangers of Letting Your Bed Bug Infestation Grow

If left unchecked, your bed bug infestation can continue to grow, which can spell trouble for your property and those in it. 

While bed bugs exist in your home, the risk of allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, skin infections, and constant itching and irritation can continue. There’s also the mental discomfort of knowing you live in an infested home and are being bitten by pests in your sleep. For those renting out their residential properties, you can be held liable for damages and compensation for knowingly letting tenants live on your infested property. 

For business owners, these health risks can be considered code violations in certain industries and can result in fines and blows to your establishment’s reputation. This isn’t just limited to businesses that involve accommodations such as hotels; your clients see your business in a negative light if they find out about an infestation. 

When Is It Time To Call In the Pros?

So here are a few signs of bed bug activity that you should watch out for and take as a sign to call a professional exterminator: 

1) Bed Bug Droppings and Secretions

Several signs on your bed, other upholstered furniture, or nearby areas can suggest an bed bug infestation. This can include:

  • Bloodstains on your sheets or pillowcases
  • Rust-colored spots of bed bug feces stains on your bed or near the walls closest to your bed
  • Bed bug feces, exoskeletons, eggshells, and other signs near your bed or close areas nearby where they hide

2) Odors Near Your Bed 

Bed bugs have an offensive and musty odor coming from their glands. If they’re hiding nearby, you should be able to smell it. This is most common under your mattress or around the creases and cracks of your bed frame, but also check nearby areas if there is a musty odor. 

3) Bed Bug Eggs 

You may find eggs in crevices around your bed. Remove the dust cover and check the box springs and seams of your mattress and bed frame. These eggs are white and resemble grains of rice. Bed bug eggs will need to be treated accordingly to completely kill them and prevent the population from growing further. 

How Quality Affordable Pest Control Can Help You With Your Bed Bug Problem

At Quality Affordable Pest Control, our bed bug specialists have a tried-and-tested process to find the infestation, treat it, and eliminate the problem. We do this with eco-friendly methods that effectively get the job done without any harmful chemicals that can put your property at risk. 

Professional Bed Bug Inspection

Our team understands the behavior of pests like bed bugs and where they hide. Given the flat bodies of adult bed bugs, you’d be surprised how even the smallest of cracks and crevices on your bed, furniture, and walls can be inviting dwelling locations for bed bugs to hide and reproduce. 

We leave no stone unturned when inspecting your property so that we can determine the severity of your infestation. Once we’ve determined the source of the infestation, we begin treating your property with customized solutions. 

Customizable Bed Bug Extermination

We meticulously remove all bed bugs and their eggs with a thorough treatment plan. Our non-toxic methods can effectively eliminate the problem and provide a detailed job that tackles all the potential areas of infestation. Depending on the severity of your infestation, our solutions can range from heat treatment to eco-friendly substances that aren’t harmful to pets and children. 

At Quality Affordable Pest Control, we understand that not all homes and commercial establishments have the same bed bug problem – and we’ve got it covered. Our customizable treatments can tackle any bed bug infestation so that our customers feel safe and satisfied with their pest-free home. 

FAQs About Bed Bug Infestations 

Q: How did I get bed bugs on my property?

A: All it takes is one person or pet to unknowingly bring in a couple of bed bugs into your home or business to start an infestation. Properties can be infested when bed bugs hitch onto an unknowing person or animal and are transported to a new location. These bed bugs can come from anywhere – from public transportation to sitting on an infested couch, to visiting a home that’s infested with bed bugs. Pets can also be responsible for bringing in bed bugs. 

Q: Who is at risk of getting bed bugs?

A: Any residential or commercial property is at risk of getting bed bugs. Unlike other pests like cockroaches or rats, bed bugs aren’t attracted to garbage or cluttered homes and can thrive as long as there’s a human host and a place for them to hide. That means that even the cleanest home in Toronto may be at risk of a bed bug infestation if someone unwittingly brings bed bugs into the property. 

Q: What can I do to prevent bed bugs from infesting my property?

A: Unfortunately, bed bugs can be difficult to keep away from your property as you’ll never know who could be carrying them into your home or establishment. However, there are ways to control the population and make it difficult for bed bugs to thrive. Taking steps like frequently changing and washing your bed linens, cleaning out crevices on furniture, avoiding second-hand furniture purchases, and using protective bed covers can make it harder for bed bugs to survive in your home. However, once it reaches the levels of infestation, your best solution is to contact a bed bug exterminator to have it handled with effective bed bug treatment. 

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