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Why Partner With Quality Affordable Pest Control for Ant Control? 

Ants are a very common insect that are generally harmless. But left to populate into large numbers, and it can spell trouble for your property and be a nuisance for everyone in your residential or commercial property. The off-putting sight of a trail of ants is the least of your problems: ants can also cause stinging pain, carry harmful bacteria that infect your perishable items, and can even cause extensive property damage to the structure of your home. 

Don’t let your ant problem get out of hand: let the ant exterminators at Quality Affordable Pest Control eliminate the infestation from your property. 

At Quality Affordable Pest Control, we offer eco-friendly and safe insect control services that you can rely on. We’re the leading pest control company across the Durham Region and York Region and can provide guaranteed quality service that goes beyond just eliminating pests. More than just getting rid of pests, we take steps to inspect and provide recommendations that can keep your property safe in the long run. 

Ants are a nuisance that will keep on coming back if not dealt with properly. With our pest management services, we can eliminate the infestation and provide steps to minimize and control the numbers to avoid alarming levels from crawling back and invading the comfort and safety of your property. 

Why Your Home May Need an Ant Exterminator 

Ants are very common in most (if not all) homes. While a small number of ants on your property isn’t an emergency, an infestation can not only be a nuisance but also a property damage risk and a health risk, regardless of the ant species that form colonies on your property. Their size, coupled with their living and breeding habits, make the infestation even more difficult to handle.

Given their size, ants are capable of slipping through the tiniest holes and cracks around your home. And even then, some ants like the carpenter ant or pavement ant are capable of burrowing through concrete and wood within your walls. Commercial pesticides don’t tackle the infestation that can be hiding within your property, but our team of pest management specialists can. 

Ants’ living habits means that they can make their way to any food item or material they need for the colony. Ants are most attracted to sugar, but they can also feed off crumbs and other small food items that fall around your property. If left untreated, ants could make their way to your food storage and contaminate your perishable items. If you’re in a home, this can mean having to throw out food items to avoid contamination. And for certain businesses like restaurants or cafés, this can be a code violation that can ruin your reputation especially if clients learn about your infestation. 

Thankfully, our professional exterminators can identify where the colony is and effectively have it removed. We understand the behavior patterns of ants and use modern eco-friendly methods to eliminate them from your property. We can then provide a more extensive treatment plan to help keep infestations from returning to your property. 

Can You Handle Your Ant Problem Yourself?

When your home has an ant infestation, you may find trails of ants around your home. You could opt for commercial pesticide products, but what you’re doing only kills a handful of ants and not the infestation that’s hiding out of sight. Products that deter ants from following a scent trail or kill the visible ants along the trail can work for a while, but given the exponential growth potential ant colonies can have, you’ve likely made a small dent on the actual population. 

At Quality Affordable Pest Control, our ant exterminators treat your infestations at the root. With our pest control service, you’ll see how we can find the colony hiding inside and outside your property, eliminate it, and take steps to prevent ants from potentially finding their way into your home and rebuilding its colony. 

The Dangers of Letting Your Ant Infestation Grow

Left unchecked, ant colonies can grow to large sizes and affect your home or business. For homeowners, certain types of ants bring risks that affect the comfort and safety of your household. Some of the dangers ants can bring include:

  • Contaminate food and other biodegradable materials. Ants can pick-up bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, and streptococcus and transfer them to your food when they come into contact. Ant types like the odorous house ant can also leave behind a foul odor when killed. 
  • Create structural property damage. Most of the ants you see are the scout ants or worker ants in search of food. The rest of the ants may be inside your walls, damaging your home’s structure, wiring, and plumbing. It can take years to notice the infestation, and by then there may be significant damage that can cost you a lot to repair. 
  • Ant bites. Most ant bites aren’t harmful, but bites from a fire ant or pharaoh ant can cause sharp pain and discomfort. This is a nuisance to live with, especially if they make their way to areas you and your household often frequent like chairs and sofas. On rare occasions, scratching these bites can lead to skin infections. 
  • Affect neighboring homes. If you live in a condo or apartment building, having an infestation can result in it spreading to other homes. Under Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 629, all properties should be kept free of infestations. This means your neighbor can file a complaint against you if they suspect you’re the cause of the infestation. 

Businesses may also be at risk when it comes to ant infestations. Some of the dangers of letting your ant infestation grow include:

  • Code violations. Several industries have codes on pest infestations. In real estate, for example, landlords are responsible for addressing ant infestations on the property and can be held liable by their tenants if these aren’t addressed. 
  • Waste of supplies. If you’re in the food industry, having an ant infestation may require you to toss out food to avoid the risk of using contaminated ingredients. This waste can increase your operating costs because of the need to replace these items.
  • Affect your reputation. The sight of ant trails can be off-putting. Many of your customers may take this as a sign that you aren’t keeping your business clean, which can hurt the reputation of your business. 
  • Property damage. Ants may be causing damage to your building’s structure or electrical wiring. If left unchecked, these can develop into major damage that can cost more to repair.

Don’t put yourself and the interests of your property at risk. Contact Quality Affordable Pest Control today to schedule an inspection with expert ant exterminators. 

When Is It Time To Call In the Pros?

Ant infestations can take years to be spotted by an everyday property owner. But here are some of the signs you should watch out for:

  • Dead ants in specific areas. Ants practice necrophoresis, a practice where they carry the bodies of dead ants away from the hive to prevent the spread of disease among the population. If you see several dead ants in one area of your home (usually near a window or door), it’s a sign that there’s an ant colony hiding in your walls. 
  • Food is quickly overrun. If you’ve left food out for a short while and found it to be infected with ants, it’s possible that you’ve got an infestation. Some ants have a good sense of smell and can find their way towards food nearby. 
  • There are outdoor anthills. Sometimes, the colony isn’t inside your property and is in a typical underground colony outdoors. However, this means that these ants are getting into your home through a crack or hole you might not be aware of. 
  • Check damp areas. Your kitchen and bathrooms are the usual suspects for places where ants are prone to visit. This is because these areas have the water and food sources they need to survive. 

If you see the signs, it’s time to call an ant control service provider like Quality Affordable Pest Control to manage the infestation. 

FAQs About Ant Exterminators

Q: Why do ants come into your property?

A: Ants will infest your property if they find everything they need in it to build a colony: food, water, nesting materials, and a dark area to build their hive. While our eco-friendly ant extermination services can remove the infestation, a one-time treatment isn’t going to stop the risk of another infestation. If your home still has what ants need to thrive, it’s likely they’ll keep coming back. That’s why our ant removal inspections also come with strategies and recommendations to help eliminate your ant problem effectively. 

Q: Why are ants so hard to get rid of?

A: When you find an ant trail, these usually consist of scout ants that leave chemical pheromones to guide other ants on the path. While you can kill them and take steps to remove the trail, other ants can actually take their place and rebuild the trail. This is because there are potentially more ants in an infestation than you know, and this makes it even more difficult to deal with for everyday homeowners and commercial property owners alike. 

Q: How can I prevent an ant infestation?

A: Taking steps like sealing up cracks and holes, placing your food in airtight containers, and keeping your home clean are just some easy ways to prevent a future infestation. After undergoing ant removal treatment, your home can avoid falling into another infestation if you’ve taken steps to prevent it from having everything ants need to survive. 

Choose Quality Affordable Pest Control Today for Effective Ant Extermination Services

For reliable pest management services that can keep your property safe, you can always count in Quality Affordable Pest Control. Live and work in comfort without worrying about infestations when you partner with Quality Affordable Pest Control to manage and treat your ant infestations as well as other pest-related problems. Contact us today to schedule a property inspection. 

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